The SISMO® module, a simple yet intelligent building system

The basic structure of the SISMO building module is the steel wire lattice. At the exterior sides of the lattice, infill panels are inserted, which transform the lattice into a closed structure that can be filled with concrete. The type of infill panels used depends on the purpose of the wall: load bearing or not, insulated or otherwise, etc. The steel wire also acts as armature and anchoring for the finishing material and it will hold reinforcement bars in place during the concrete filling.

The Sismo building module

The Lattice

The basic element of the SISMO concept is a three-dimensional lattice made of galvanised steel wire.
The lattice performs a number of basic functions. The lattice creates the ‘body’ in which the infill panels are inserted to create the formwork for the structural material. Additionally it acts as an armature and as an anchoring for the cladding or rendering.


The Infill Panels

The infill panels transform the lattice into a closed structure. The type of infill material used is determined by the purpose of the wall and by the choice of locally available materials. 



The structural filler

The cavity between the infill panels is filled with structural material. The type of high strength material used is determined by the purpose of the structure and by the choice of locally available materials. Both high and light density concrete is frequently employed.  Reinforcement can be added when required by local building codes.


The most common application of the SISMO® module are insulated load bearing concrete walls but the SISMO® building technology offers efficient solutions for all parts of a building.

1. Roofs
Both flat and pitched roofs. SISMO roofs provides a high thermal inertia.
2. Floor Slabs
Flat floor slabs, ribbed floors & coffered floors.
3. Non bearing walls
Non-bearing walls without structural filling.
4. Bearing Walls
The lattice offers a wide range of possibilities to choose the best type of SISMO module for a project.
5. Foundation
Dimensions are determined by design calculations.

The Sismo® module, unlimited finishes

The SISMO module gives the architect the freedom to choose from an unlimited variety of finishes including rough rendering, natural stone claddings, shingles, cladding panels, masonry, curtain walling, plastering, plaster-boards, tiling and wood panelling. The recommendations of the manufacturer of the finishing material should be followed and good trade practice regarding installation and sealing should be observed.
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