SISMO is a unique method of insulated permanent concrete formwork allowing building promoters, contractors and architects to build quickly and cost effectively with high structural quality. The SISMO building system is used internationally in the residential, industrial and commercial construction markets.

The SISMO module consists of a steel wire lattice that holds an inner and outer panel of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS - or other materials of your choice). The cavity between the panels is filled with concrete to create a load bearing insulated concrete wall. 

In contrast to other ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork) products, SISMO offers you flexibility. You can choose from a wide variety of infill panels and the dimensions of the full wall panels can be adjusted to the project requirements.

SISMO develops and sells the SISMO Production Stations and the integrated software, sisCAD® to produce the SISMO modules. SISMO Productions Stations are located around the world and supply modules to local building contractors. 

SISMO combines more than 30 years of experience in development and application of the SISMO building technology with a dynamic group of partners and co-workers. Ongoing research and development ensure that our products will continue to exceed expectations.