A full SPS is a production line that functions independently. Production starts from steel wire coils and EPS blocks available on most regional markets.

One complete SPS includes:
  • One SISMO Production Station, hardware consisting of three major components the 1D, 2D and 3D machines.
  • One set of polystyrene processing equipment (3D Block cutter; TGM, Tongue and Groove Mill; PMM for the SISMO flooring system)
  • One set of auxiliary equipment for the SISMO module filling station
  • The SISMO propriety software sisCAD®
  • Training for the sisCAD® designer
  • Training for the line operators of the SPS
  • Training for on-site assembly
  • Technical assistance for factory installation and start up

SISMO building technology
  • Transfer of technology, SISMO building technology (SBT)
  • Exclusive regional licens
  • License for the use of the registered trade name and trademark.
  • License for the sisCAD® software. Fingerprints for installation and usage of the software. Corrective, adjusting and innovative maintenance to the sisCAD® software.
  • Continuous support, technical assistance and training.


The 3D Machine and all ancillary equipment are assembled and mounted in a converted seaworthy 40’ HC container for quick and easy transport and installation. The stand-alone unit contains all ancillary equipment and smoke extraction with an automatic filter cleaning process. The EPS processing equipment comes in a separate container.

  • With a target to construct 20 million homes under the affordable housing scheme, in the next 7 years, the Indian government requires all resources, methods and technologies that makes it possible and achievable. With the fast, durable and eco-friendly construction advantages, Sismo building technology is best suited to meet the elusive targets. SISMO being the fastest load bearing structure construction method, is surely ahead in the league.
    Amit Gupta,
    CEO Sismo India
  • The prime domain for the SISMO® group of companies is to address the challenges in the modern building industry. The platforms of our business offer opportunities for growth for each of the members at the SISMO group of companies. We strive to long term relationships with all our stakeholders in the building industry.
    Olaf Claessens,
    Director SISMO International
  • Since the start-up of a SISMO Production Station in Spain we have been working together closely for the promotion of the SISMO products in Spain and abroad. The expert level of technical assistance, and the support provided on all levels, has aided us in successfully introducing SISMO Building Technology into the Spanish construction industry. All of our clients are repeating, which speaks for itself.
    Pedro A. Rodriguez,
    MD of SISMO Spain
  • SISMO un concept qui défie toute concurrence et qui répond aux exigences du 21ieme siècle nous a permis de développer la connaissance et l’utilisation d’une technologie de construction, en tant qu’alternative idéale pour tous genres de construction.
    Dr Mouhamedou Mouctar Diagne,
    CEO SISMO Senegal
  • Being part of the SISMO team and witness the progress of the technology over the years has been very satisfying. It is a truly universal product.
    Elena Bianchi,
    director SISMO Trading Malta
  • In Iraq the summers are extremely hot and the winters are very cold, the insulation incorporated in the SISMO modules makes a huge difference in the living comfort. A house built with the Sismo building technology is a lot more durable than all of the traditional construction methods available in Iraq.
    Shwan Jalal,
    Head Technician Sismo factory- Nokan Group, Iraq
  • No matter how complex your problem is, SISMO adequately assists you to implement a flexible solution.
    Eng. Ali Ariana,
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